Wandering, Lost, or Enjoying the Ride

Wandering, Lost, or Enjoying the Ride

We all have ups and downs in life. Whether it’s emotional, physical, professional or financial, the opportunity to overcome, learn and grow is clear.  Personally, I’ve experienced and continue to experience all three. Each time I choose to learn from said experiences, the stronger the comeback. At the same time, the motivation and understanding of each upswing evolves. By keeping the personal growth as the forefront of the comeback process, it continues to be a positive transition in spite of it all.

The goal of this blog category is to dig deep. As best I can, I’m going to lay it all out there. My pain and my failures, opportunities and successes are cathartic to communicate. More importantly though, I hope that articulating the shift in thinking will inspire a difference in someone, somewhere.  Since I’m just starting to do this blog thing, let me know what you think. To begin, I’ll get some content going in other areas.

Where have you fought back? What areas in your life are you still down?

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  1. Laura says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read more about some of your experiences and how they relate to being an athlete and your decision to work as a coach.

  2. Shelli says:

    Where have I fought back? Is everywhere a fair answer? Because for all of the achievements that have ever mattered in my life, they have all required a fight. Competitive training and figure skating – do I want to stand on the podium – then fight. Becoming an attorney – do I want to hang that diploma – then fight. Do I want to “Bar” in the two most difficult states in the country – then fight. Do I want to raise a healthy happy child – then fight. These are all positive fights, with all three of the legs of life intertwined and synergized – spirit, mind, and body. These are the easy fights.

    But what happens when one of the legs of life is damaged or injured, tired, or feeling defeated? Can I still fight? Can I compensate for a missing or depleted “leg”? Yes, I can. It’s my opportunity to examine the broken “leg” and fix it. It is in fixing the depleted “leg” that I gain wisdom and strength and I regenerate.

    So when my training breaks down, I ask myself which leg is broken – spirit, mind, or body? I tend to insist it is the body. But is it, really? Can my emotional and mental challenges manifest themselves in physical symptoms? I believe they can. So when I am injured and life requires me to fight back, I choose to examine where my “injury” is really coming from. And I am often surprised to find that it isn’t body at all – it is the spirit or the mind. And once I gain that awareness, then I can focus my fight, and the physical injury begins to heal concurrently.

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