Why Change Your Oil or Rotate Your Tires?

Why Change Your Oil or Rotate Your Tires?

Your body is the vehicle that moves you. Think of it as a car. Do you change your oil before blowing a gasket? Should you rotate and replace the tires or wait until they cause other issues you don’t quite understand? What makes you trust your mechanic? You’ve spent years beefing up or breaking down the way your body moves. Nuts and bolts, muscles and joints, are the glue between critical parts, allowing the engines to produce movement. The right mechanic can prevent vehicle breakdown before it happens and choose which upgrades best benefit performance.

We would never put four different tire sizes on a car and expect good gas mileage? One tire will wear out faster or worse yet, pop driving down the road. All of the nuts, bolts, suspension, and frame are going to break down faster because the car isn’t working as engineers designed it too. The more miles we put on the car, and the longer we own it, the more it needs maintenance. 

Loosening up with stretches, uniquely designed for the way your body moves, alleviates the unnecessary and inefficient stress on particular joints. We all need a qualified mechanic to sort which the bolts are being overloaded and how to loosen them the right way. A lubricant or skilled hands, can break tight seals, getting the job done safely. Loosening the wrong bolts puts more, not less, pressure on others so we’re better off not guessing which part needs replacing.  

Putting the car back together, piece by piece, bolt by bolt, is critical for an efficient machine. It helps to have some directions or have a professional get involved. In your body, it’s critical not forget or leave out parts just because we can’t figure out what purpose they serve. Once the little parts are connecting the bigger parts, your body has the structure that brings performance.  Better yet, with all of the parts linked together, the tires bring you home, to the finish line, quicker, faster, using less gas along the way.

A huge engine and beautiful aesthetics doesn’t go far without the nuts and bolts binding the body together.


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