Running: Every Technique is Right

Running: Every Technique is Right

Take a second to watch a few different people run. Focus on their shoulder movements. Do they all look the same? What do you notice is different? Every part of your body has a role in movement. Most of us don’t understand what does what, in our body, and how parts work together. How then, do we know which techniques, drills, and advice will help our bodies move safer, faster, and longer?

Like most questions in life, the answer is always, it depends. “Experts” are coming out of the woodwork with techniques promising to develop better runners.  Books, DVDs, and running clinics everywhere make claims that they are in fact, ‘the right method.” The interesting thing is, they are all right. Every athlete is a little different. So, while one technique may not be right for you, it probably works quite well for others.

The key is, we all move in different ways for different reasons.  Our lives mold the lens of our reality.  Motivation, movement, strengths, and opportunities  are never the same. Forcing a technique that isn’t right for you limits progress, safety, and sustainability. Take a step back, ask yourself, “Is this technique right for me?” Learn the principles behind movement efficiency. Only then can you choose a running philosophy, that makes sense for you.  

What running styles have you tried? Why do they work for you? If you want to learn more, follow this blog or schedule a private session, there’s a lot more to come!


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