Have You Met Your Head? Friend or Foe?

Have You Met Your Head? Friend or Foe?

Insights and interpretations inspire. Experience shapes our perceptions. When unconscious becomes conscious, we can change our reality. Have You Met Your Head? Our hearts are our emotions. And, emotions are fueled by the way we choose to see the world, our experiences, and the unconscious response to our conscious choices. Do you balance the emotional connection for success? Does unconscious desire limit your gratification. Insights into our individual realities can inspire greatness or fuel failure. Missing the point of perception is a road travelled blindly. How are your successes and failures different?

There’s no doubt that our hearts have a strong impact on the way we live our lives. We have a choice, often difficult, in the way we choose to see our experiences. If not immediately, retrospectively. No matter how simple or difficult an event may be, we can choose to learn, or accept failure. Awareness is the foundation for  choosing our interpretations and responses. How then can this be used to promote success or accept defeat?

What is greatness? When we experience success, what standards are we measuring? Everyday people experience similar experiences, then see and feel them, drastically differently. Even the most menial tasks can be interpreted as successes in life. Accomplishments insurmountable to some people are minimum expectations for others. Having expectations of our abilities can limit gratification. When, we believe tasks should be second nature, we forget all of the hard work we’ve done. 

Personally, I struggle with this concept. Some days I see waking up a huge success. Other days 24 hours isn’t enough time to finish the work I expect to. At times everything I’ve accomplished pales in comparison to what know I will. I believe my baseline is somehow superior to others’ can do; therefore, my threshold of failure is artificially elevated. Success becomes doing more, better, and faster. The drive to succeed becomes a journey towards failure. Accomplishments can’t meet expectations and context is lost in delusion. Blurred vision of who I am, what I’ve done, and what I should be able to accomplish molds a self defeating view of how I live my life.

The path we travel, our lens of interpretation, is paved brick by brick. Don’t overlook the success of that built each block. The time spent organizing them into your road, your unique life is accomplishment in itself. Understanding success is knowing how to learn from failure and remember it’s proximity to success. Never forget the cumulative failures that brought your successes today. Do you believe “failures” are the path to success? Can you see optimism as pessimism and failure as success. Are expectations your barrier to happiness? 





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