Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Nope, this one isn’t about swimming. It’s about everything in life, your swimming stroke, running stride, and pedal stroke are no exceptions.  Different strokes for different folks is a lesson learned early for some and forever missed by others.  The beaut


Everyday I am reminded and humbled by how deep, “different strokes for different folks,” translates to all aspects of my life. Sometimes it’s as simple as remembering that the athletes I get to work with all learn a little differently and have unique motivations.

Mind, body, and spirit are a unique balance of who we are, our reality. Too often, my ego tells me that I know or I understand. I forget to ask questions. I lose site of how unique we all are. I interpret answers through my reality. I believe that I comprehend situations but overlook the infinite variables contributing to others’ reality. I lose site of the beauty in contrast and the growth in learning. How do you see the world?  Is there room for different perspectives? Is it our world and our realities? Or, is the world yours and your reality the only valid perspective?

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