TCSD Carlsbad Coastal Duathlon by Jason

TCSD Carlsbad Coastal Duathlon by Jason

About Race

Race Name: TCSD Carlsbad Coastal Duathlon
Date: 03/16/2013
Swim Distance: 2.28mi (run1)
Bike Distance: 20k
Run Distance: 2.28mi
Race Organization: Not bad
Would I do it again: Yes
Would I recommend: Yes
Why I Decided To Do This Race: I recently signed up to compete in the USAT Duathlon Nationals in October, but have never raced duathlon format. Through Tri Club, they host free races for members, so I signed up pretty last minute to get a feel for how duathlon differs from triathlon (aside from the obvious).

About Me

Age Group: 25-29
Completion Time: 1:01:11
Rank/Age: 2/? (1st place also in my AG)
Rank/Overall: 2/55
Years In Triathlon: 1 – 2 years
Endurance Background: Before triathlon, I was a: Other, baseball player

My Preparation

How I felt about it beforehand (1-10): 6 Aside from not knowing how my legs and body would react to duathlon, I was mostly concerned about this race being an open, largely unmarked course in an area of San Diego I’m no too familiar with. I ended up taping turn by turn directions to my aero bar, which actually helped on the bike. I followed pretty standard wakeup, breakfast, arrival procedure. When I arrived, the TCSD volunteers were beginning to set up registration, transition, etc. As a member, I asked if I could help, and ended up being the guy to go pick up the post-race coffee from Starbucks. That caused me to miss about 30 min of my normal pre-race transition setup, stretching, and warmup routine. I got back fairly rushed, did an abridged version of my warmup, and got to the start line with a few minutes to spare. Still not how I would ever want to approach a big race, and I don’t think I was nearly as ready as I should’ve been.
During (1-10): 7 14:10/0:29/32:13/0:26/13:53. Since last season, my run and bike have gotten a lot stronger, which was felt through the race.
After (1-10): 8 Considering I didn’t know what I was doing, and had the volunteer coffee run derail my normal pre-race routine, I’d say I was pretty happy with my preparation.

My Race

Effort Overall (1-10): 8
Effort Swim (1-10): 7
Effort Bike (1-10): 8
Effort Run (1-10): 8
Effort Transitions (1-10): 6
Nutrition: What I Consumed/Hour: Muffin, banana, coffee 2 hrs before race. Balance bar about 45 min before start. 20oz. Cytomax on bike. Gu pack out of T2.
Areas of Success: I felt most successful in the overall result of the race. Duathlon is certainly a lot different on the legs, so I felt pretty good. My bike felt great and I feel I was more patient and methodical to my approach against other athletes on the course. Typically, when I see someone in front of me, my immediate goal is to get in front of them, but knowing I had 10 miles to do it allowed me to better distribute my effort for a decent run finish.
Areas of Opportunity: Find out the cause of calf cramps on the bike (and how to avoid them). Nutrition? Hydration? Poor stretching/warmup pre-race? Cleaning up transitions – I dropped my left shoe on my dismount into T2, which slowed me down a bit. Getting my legs back on the second run quicker for a stronger finish.
Additional Thoughts: Overall, I loved this event. It was a confusing course, both on the run and bike, for first-timers, and there was an unfortunate incident on the bike with one of the competitors, who ended up being taken to the hospital after a pretty rough fall.

My Recovery

Soreness (1-10): 4
Fatigue (1-10): 7
What I Did To Promote Recovery: Protein, stretching and rolling after the race. I did a short swim workout a few hours after the race and spent some time in the jacuzzi, which felt great.
When I Felt Ready To Train Again: I swam the same day, and did a mid-tempo 2 hour ride the next day. Legs are slightly fatigued, but will be ready to go in a day or two.
My Lessons Learned: Stick to the pre-race routine! I need time to set up, stretch, warm up, use the restroom, and relax.

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