Eugene Marathon by Asia

Eugene Marathon by Asia

About Race

Race Name: Eugene Marathon
Date: 04/28/2013
Swim Distance:
Bike Distance:
Run Distance: 26.2
Race Organization: Amazing
Would I do it again: Yes
Would I recommend: Yes
Why I Decided To Do This Race: Fast, flat, cool weather course with a high percentage of Boston qualifiers

About Me

Age Group: 25-29 F
Completion Time: 3:32:23
Rank/Age: 49
Rank/Overall: 721
Years In Triathlon: 1 – 2 years
Endurance Background: Before triathlon, I was a: Runner,

My Preparation

How I felt about it beforehand (1-10): 7 Put in good work but had a shorter training window than ideal. (Less than 4 months.)
During (1-10): 9 Felt confident. Stayed relaxed. Was happy. Reminded myself that it was ok to hurt.
After (1-10): 9 I was all smiles once I saw my friends near the end until I crossed the finish line. Felt amazing to hear my name called. I smiled and waved. Then I felt the pain. My hips felt like they were going to explore. Once everything set in, I cried. Then I got ice.

My Race

Effort Overall (1-10): 9
Effort Swim (1-10):
Effort Bike (1-10):
Effort Run (1-10): 9
Effort Transitions (1-10):
Nutrition: What I Consumed/Hour: 1 GU every 30 mins (vanilla, vanilla, espresso. Repeat.) water. Threw away my bottle at 1:10 and switched to aid stations. Had sips of Gatorade every aid station starting at mile 19. Always water at every aid station.
Areas of Success: Pacing myself and not starting out too hard. Staying calm when I didn’t hit target paces.
Areas of Opportunity: Maintaining my pace on the final 10k. I couldn’t stay consistent but I did sneak in a 7:49 min/mile at 25! A stranger helped pace me for a couple miles. My hips. They hurt for most of the race. My left IT band gave me grief and my pace suffered miles 17-18 when it hurt the most. Then I stopped thinking about it since my energy was needed elsewhere.
Additional Thoughts: I am so freakin happy. I managed to stay inside my head. When things got hard, I focused on my breathing or my arms, and staying calm.

My Recovery

Soreness (1-10): 9
Fatigue (1-10): 7
What I Did To Promote Recovery: Ice! Immediately after I finished and then again in the car back to lunch.
When I Felt Ready To Train Again: NA. Just finished.
My Lessons Learned: Mind over matter! I believed in myself and stayed calm. I allowed my pace and my energy to shift throughout the day. I used my final 10k buffer but still found energy at mile 24-25 to get back to my goal pace. I enjoyed the day. I looked at spectators. I picked off runners and used different people to help pace me in the final miles.

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