Half Ironman St. George by Joshua

Half Ironman St. George by Joshua

About Race

Race Name: Half Ironman St. George
Date: 05/04/2013
Swim Distance: 1.2
Bike Distance: 56
Run Distance: 13.1
Race Organization: Solid
Would I do it again: No
Would I recommend: Yes
Why I Decided To Do This Race: At the end of 2012 I decided I would take the turn from sprint distance to longer and more challenging races. With the full Ironman as my main focus this was just a long training day as well as my first Half IM.

About Me

Age Group: 30-34
Completion Time: 6:10:32
Years In Triathlon: Newbie
Endurance Background: Before triathlon, I was a: Runner,

My Preparation

How I felt about it beforehand (1-10): 9
During (1-10): 7 I had a really solid swim and bike. But within the first few miles of the run I started cramping and knew the remainder of the race was going to be rough.
After (1-10): 9 Aside from the lingering effects of my leg cramp I felt good! A little ice and I was good to go!

My Race

Effort Overall (1-10): 9
Effort Swim (1-10): 9
Effort Bike (1-10): 10
Effort Run (1-10): 7
Effort Transitions (1-10): 7
Nutrition: What I Consumed/Hour: Over the race I consumed over 250 calories per hour. Calories consisted of Cytomax, Honey Stinger waffles, Gels and Chews. I also snagged some salt tabs at mile market 5 and a banana for the cramping issues I was having.
Areas of Success: With this being my longest race ever I thought the whole race was a great success. But to narrow it down I would say that the swim and the bike portion met or exceeded my expectations.
Areas of Opportunity: The run portion is certainly and area where I will be able to make up time in the future. I will need to focus on saving my muscles and preventing cramps during my race.
Additional Thoughts: Overall this was a good, fun race! Just being able to accomplish this type of race is a great feeling. But man the course was not easy!! The Swim was great! Loved being able to see below, around and under me as I was swimming due to the clear water. The Bike course was challenging and had a few good climbs but you knew when you got to the top you were going to have a fast and fun descent. The run course was brutal. Lots and lots of hills in the high desert, 90 degree temp and no wind. Had this been a simple half marathon it would have been the hardest 13.1 Ive raced to date (Beats La Jolla Half)

My Recovery

Soreness (1-10): 7
Fatigue (1-10): 8
What I Did To Promote Recovery: Lots and lots of water,, ice and relax. It only took me an evening / night to recovery and I was good to walk around. pedialite
When I Felt Ready To Train Again: I was ready to train 3 days after the race. Not running though. My left knee is a bit tender so I plan on giving that a few more days before I start up the running plan.
My Lessons Learned: Ive never trained with salt tabs but I will incorporate them into my training plan for future races. I feel that I followed my plan throughout the race and did no deviate much from my time goals and nutrition plans. It was a great race and I’m very happy I finished.

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