The ultimate goal is to create endurance, which is a measure of how well your body can perform over an extended period of time.  We can test your endurance with various protocols, such as tracking how long you can sustain a given speed to how much cycling power an athlete can produce versus a specific heart rate over a given period. Assessing your current endurance performance will give us a clear marker off which to base your improvements—that is, you will see precisely how your training efforts are paying off.

Endurance comes from processing fuel (both oxygen and nutrients) more efficiently and using less overall fuel for the given task.  By strategically varying your workouts, we will train your body to optimize its use of fuel. To reduce the amount of fuel the body needs, we will focus on your biomechanics, which of course is the foundation of all our efforts—when your personal biomechanics are overlooked in your training, your performance will consistently hit a ceiling prematurely.

At Energy Lab Training, we will help you develop the optimal combination of mobility, stability and strength, turning your body into an efficient machine. No more wasted energy and imbalanced loading of certain muscles.  By training your muscle groups to work together rather than alone, we will cut the risk for early fatigue and injury and significantly boost overall power and peak performance sustainability.