Group Strength

Our coaches will help you establish a new awareness of movement and teach you how slight shifts can create exponential improvements in stability, mobility, and strength. We’ll also teach you to use pain as your guide and create adjustments accordingly—pushing yourself to create performance improvements should not result in injury.

The best part of our group strength classes is variation—we mix it up each week, which won’t give your body or your brain time to get too “comfortable” with simple patterns. Most importantly, you won’t get bored and you’ll have fun…as long as ending a workout drenched in sweat is your kind of fun.

Workouts include a highly active warm up with a focus on running drills, ground work, and exercise matrices to ensure your body is learning to move in all 3 planes.

I started training with Energy Lab several months ago. I was not looking to compete in any events or had specific weight goals. My goals were to improve my fitness and health. I have tried
Maya Santoro