Personal Training

Whether you’re getting back to fitness or training for an Ironman, this fully comprehensive personalized training package is your fastest, most effective route to optimum performance.The difference between our personal training and other ‘cookie cutter’ varieties is that everything we teach is designed specifically for you. Your plan will work you across three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal and transverse) not just single plane motions that triathletes usually focus on.

Based on the ‘Foundations of Performance’ we focus on identifying and addressing biomechanical challenges to develop you as a more efficient athlete. It’s also by far the most effective way of building strength, endurance, stability and flexibility, and reduces your chances of injury. The result is that you will train better for longer.

Molded to meet your precise biomechanical, aerobic, mental and nutritional needs, Energy Lab Training personal coaching also gives you the flexibility, motivation and accountability you need to reach and exceed your goals.

Swim Technique

Our coaching strategy is backed by the latest performance research.


Learn how to improve your running biomechanics and performance.


Teaches you techniques to change body position for power and endurance as well as cycling strategy.

Strength Training

Assesses then address the way your body moves specific to your sports and lifestyle.  


I owe my Kona slot to Trevor. More important than his personalized coaching is his ability to motivate and bring out the best athlete in me. After working with Trevor for 4 months, I took 10

Darcy Bushnell