At Energy Lab Training, our analysis and implementation strategies begin with the way YOUR body moves. Without proper biomechanics, training is inefficient and leaves you prone to injury. All too often training is based on attempts at isolation- ignoring the integrated nature of movement. But this limited approach leads to limited results. By first understanding your unique opportunities to improve mobility, stability and strength in three planes of motion, we will enhance your biomechanics for performance.

For example, if you have tight hamstrings, the traditional approach would be to simply treat the muscles directly, focusing on stretching, icing, and so on. What we do instead is look at the muscles in movement: Are they tight when you run? Cycle? Squat? Based on the answer we evaluate all the components that trigger this reaction within the specific movement. We then retrain your body, making the most of your personal biomechanics, to balance the demands of individual joints and muscles. This leads to improved performance, reduced fatigue and chance of injury (and in this case happier hamstrings).

Endurance, like proper biomechanics, takes time to develop. We’ll guide you through the periodization that trains your body to build and maintain fitness then peak for your “A Races.”

Trevor is unlike any other coach I have worked with. What he brings is an approach that starts with body mechanics and then personalizes his approach. He asks, "How do you naturally move
Kirsten Hansen