Swim, Bike & Run Clinics

We offer triathlon clinics throughout the year. This is the quickest way to learn the skills you need to improve your swimming, cycling, or running. Spending two hours or more, we will dig into the techniques of each discipline and how to train your body to apply them. Just telling you to do something doesn’t make it easier to do. Our approach is to give you the insight and tools to teach your body to move safely and efficiently. Like all of our coaching services, we can customize our clinics for the athlete audience. Recruit 5 or more of your friends and build a clinic agenda for your specific needs. Best of all, your registration is free after your 5th friend signs up!

I owe my Kona slot to Trevor. More important than his personalized coaching is his ability to motivate and bring out the best athlete in me. After working with Trevor for 4 months, I took 10

Darcy Bushnell