Triathlon Coaching

The level we dig into triathlon coaching is up to you.  Some athletes just want to have their workouts written and sent daily. Others benefit from our group triathlon mobility and strength classes. Combining any or all of our personalized coaching service gives you the opportunity to be in control of your performance.

Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach. Consistent feedback is essential to your success.  All of our coached athletes are given systems for communicating with your coach.  The more details you provide about your daily workouts, the better we can help you. Athletes have different goals, expectations, and needs. Energy Lab offers online coaching options tailored just for you. If there’s something you want that we don’t offer, let us know.  We have relationships with industry experts.  If we don’t yet, we’ll do the leg work to research the market and deliver you recommendations.

Energy Lab triathlon options include:

-Unlimited Access to Your Coach- Face to Face, Phone, Text, E-mail, Skype, Google Hangouts, Training Peaks

-Swimming- Private, Semi Private, Groups, Clinics, Open Water Lessons, Open Water Group Swims,

-Running- Private, Semi Private, Groups, Clinics

-Cycling- Strategy for training and racing. Techniques to integrate your whole body into each pedal stroke

-Clinics and Camps with Olympic and Pro Cyclist (USPS and Team Captain 7-eleven), Anton Villatoro

-Functional Biomechanics- Assess how you move, optimal movement patterns and techniques to teach your body

-Functional Strength Training- Address biomechanics and performance needs

-Group Functional Strength and Mobility

-Video Analysis

-Online Videos- Mobility, Stability, and Strength Videos

Energy Lab Training will develop you as a stronger, faster athlete ready for peak performance. Please contact us for your free consultation. Together, we will sort through what the best triathlon coaching is for you

Coach Trevor took me from a runner to an Ironman!  I had no swimming or cycling experience before I started working with him, and Trevor helped me get comfortable in the water and stronger
Asia Simonelli
I improved my Ironman PR by 1.5 hours, good enough for a spot in Kona...where Trevor helped me get sub 11 hours, including a 3:46 marathon.Trevor incorporates every aspect of triathlon to help an
Andrew Menter